Best of Car Storage Products

This is our list of car storage related products

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We use these products daily for protecting, managing and keeping your car in tip top condition while it is in storage with us (we also use them on our personal cars). We don’t receive anything for posting these here.


Classic additions - The car cover people.Established 1989

With an incredible 30 years’ worth of experience, Classic Additions can be trusted to provide the right car cover for you. Whether you’re driving the latest super car, a classic car or that roadster that you just had to have for summer driving, we’ll be able to find the perfect car cover for your vehicle

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PermaBag - For Rust Free Storage of Cars

PermaBag® is a large humidity controlled zip-up storage-bag in which Cars, Bikes Parts and Valuables. Can be stored for months and years, safely protected from rust and humidity.
A digital hygrometer monitors the bag and ensures for constant humidity control.

PermaBag® prevents rust, mould and corrosion by absorbing and removing humidity from inside the bag, achieving ideal storage conditions of less than 50% rel. humidity. PermaBag® functions without electricity, parts or replacements. Within 8 hours a perfect climate for a rustfree storage is attained, similar to that of the Arizona desert. These ideal conditions are accomplished by means of PermaPack®, a unique, moisture absorbing rechargeable marine grade stainless steel cylinder. A digital Thermo-Hygrometer monitors the level of moisture inside the bag, offering peace of mind and indicating when it is time to regenerate the cylinders

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CTEK:Maximizing Battery Performance

Maximizing Battery Performance isn’t just a slogan – it’s right at the heart of everything we do and every product we make. Our customers expect nothing but the best from our products, whether they’re using them at home, in the workshop, as an essential part of their day-to-day work, or even at the race tracks.

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Fuzz Townshend's Classic Oils

We love their drip trays and oil absorbing mats - HVS

Classic Oils was established in 2002, and since then has matured into a company offering a complete range of lubricants, coolants, fuel treatments  and other consumables for all classic, veteran and vintage vehicles, including motorcycles, steam vehicles and earlier diesel engines

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