10 steps to prepare your car for storage

a little time spent preparing your car before it enters storage will benefit its preservation and ensure its always ready to enjoy

1. Wash the vehicle to remove any contaminates or grime on the exterior paint and trim

2. Dry the vehicle and check for any damaged paint. Repair any exposed metal

3. Apply wax to feed & protect the paintwork, and conditioner to any rubber & plastic trim (including tyres)

4. Vacuum the interior and remove any personal items

5. Check antifreeze to prevent freeze damage and block corrosion

6. Change the engine oil and filters to remove any damaging, acidic contaminates

7. Over inflate the tyres to 50psi to prevent flat spots

8. Connect a multi-step battery conditioner

9. Place drip trays under the vehicle to monitor for leaks

10. Finally, apply a car cover to protect and maintain its appearance

car storage preparation